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Evodos B.V to supply MBD Algae harvesting centrifuges Posted by Emily on Tue November 02 2010 10:50:05 PM 5

The Dutch company Evodos B.V. will provide the Australian CO2 Storage Program with Algae Harvesting systems.

MBD Energy has already committed to building test facilities adjacent to their power stations using the Algae synthetizer, which consists in capturing smoke-stack CO2 emissions and reusing them to grow oil-rich algae in solar bioreactors.?

The system will be improved with Evodos B.V ability to harvest algae in a very concentrated way and at low energy requirements.?

Bellona, 01/11-2010

Evodos B.V. technology is a centrifugal system which consists in a Spiral Plate Technology (SPT). It separates solids with great sharpness, leading thereby to low energy usage as says Larry Sirmans, Technical Director of MBD Energy, in the Newswire Today.

This technology is described as highly sustainable, given the positive energy balance of the harvesting process, the small footprint of the machines, the low level of noises and of necessary maintenance. The algae produced is further turned into biofuels and animal feed.

Evodos B.V will supply MBD Energy with Algae harvesting centrifuges for its three Algal Synthesizer power station projects in Australia: Tarong Energy (Queensland), Loy Yang A (Victoria) and Eraring Energy (New South Wales).

?The combination of MED Energy technology with Evodos B.V will reduce the costs of harvesting algae and stimulate the commercialization of both technologies.

Nonetheless, Tone Knudsen from Bellona points out that 'the technology is inaccurately described as BIO-CCS whereas it cannot be assimilated to BIO-CCS since the CO2 captured is not actually stored but reused.?

Indeed, the algae biofuels produced from fossil CO2 are likely to emit CO2 when burned, so it is not carbon negative.' ?

Algae has large potential to grow quickly and can be one of the futures most important sources of sustainably produced and highly needed biomass.

'We will need true Bio-CCS solutions in the future, i.e. carbon negative solutions where more CO2 is absorbed from the atmosphere than is emitted.

The Evodos and MBD Energy system would be carbon negative for example if part of the biomass was used for co-firing in the power plant and combined with geological storage of CO2 'Knudsen concluded.