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growing algae clout 2

Inventure Chemical and Seambiotic announced this week a joint venture to create biofuels from algae fed by a coal-fired power plant.

Algae?s clout as a fuel feedstock seems to grow every day.

The joint venture will grow algae using flue gas emissions from a power plant and use the resulting liquid fuel to power its operations or sell it.
Sat August 07 2010 05:22:19 AM by Duncan algae fuel  |  seambiotic  |  Inventure 1242 views

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  • Manohar wrote:
    Sat August 07 2010 06:05:47 AM

    Seambiotic is freaking out.

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  • Sumukhi wrote:
    Sat August 07 2010 05:05:31 PM

    I thought Seambiotic and Inventure Chemicals were working together in mid 2008. As Seambiotic are too good in growing algae and Inventure's techologies to produce bioethanol were the idea of the whole project.. Good to know that they have merged again.. Good luck to them!

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