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USDA announces $1.5 billion in biofuel support including algae

USDA announces $1.5 billion in biofuel support but the key will be the roll-over of expiring tax measures
--  USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack last Thursday announced $1.5 billion in
aid for biofuel production.

 The measures include
(1) support for the
production of new bioenergy crops such as switchgrass, algae and others,

(2) loan guarantees for five biorefinery or bioenergy projects, and
matching funds to retailers to install 10,000 ethanol blender pumps and
storage systems within five years.
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Life cycle study - Algenol?s algae-to-ethanol process

Algenol Biofuels? Direct to Ethanol technology
is based on an intracellular photosynthetic process in cyanobacteria
(blue-green algae) that produces ethanol that is excreted through the
cell walls, collected from closed photobioreactors as a dilute
ethanol-in-water solution, and purified to fuel grade ethanol.

System components of cyanobacterial ethanol life

cycle analysis. Credit: ACS, Luo et al.

A team from Algenol and Georgia Tech calculated the life cycle energy and greenhouse gas emissions for three different system scenarios for this proposed ethanol production
process, using process simulations and thermodynamic calculations. They
found that, on a life cycle basis in comparison to gasoline, the direct
to ethanol technology can provide a 67% to 87% reduction in carbon
footprint on an energy equivalent basis for initial ethanol

concentrations (given in weight percent) ranging from 0.5% to 5%.

Their work was published as an open access paper in the ACS journal Environmental Science & Technology on 22 Oct.

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Dr Vikram Pattarkine's presentation at Caltech

Mon October 04 2010 10:38:53 PM by Duncan 27 Vikram Pattarkine  |  origin oil  |  Caltech

Algae and the Stock Market

Investors interest in algae has been kindled by these actions- PetroAlgae?s $200 million IPO last week, and news that Solazyme has raised an additional $52 million.
Will the algae investment be bearish or bullish?
Some incites from the Digest.
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Algal Strains

University of Tulsa?s growing research program is aimed at turning various strains of algae into fuels that can power cars and trucks in not-so-distant future.
Algae is an efficient autotroph ? organisms that can produce complex organic compounds such as fats and oils from molecules by simply using photosynthesis.
?I think this is better than ethanol,? he said, noting that the corn-based fuel requires a lot more water and energy to refine, which also contributes to pollution, not to mention taking up land typically used for food.

?They?re like solar cells,? TU associate professor and faculty researcher Daniel Crunkleton said
Tue August 17 2010 08:24:17 AM by Duncan algae  |  University of Tulsa

Algae recycles Greenhouse Gases-Australia

An innovative clean energy project is being conducted in Australia to commercialise technology that consumes large quantities of greenhouse gases while producing low cost bio-oil and animal feedstock.

The environmentally friendly technology uses special strains of algae to consume the greenhouse gases emitted by power stations.

The $10 million project is being undertaken by James Cook University in Townsville, Queensland, the Advanced Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre, and MBD Energy Ltd.

The project includes construction of a one hectare commercial facility at Queensland?s Tarong Power Station.

This facility will capture 700 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year, which could lead to an 80 hectare site consuming over 70,000 tonnes of emissions and producing 11 million litres of oil and 25,000 tonnes of feedstock.
In the process, the algae double their biomass every 24 hours and allow the waste water in which they are grown to be recycled.

The algal research team at James Cook University, led by Professor Rocky de Nys and Associate Professor Kirsten Heimann, is renowned as a world leader in this specialist area.
Mon August 09 2010 05:37:09 AM by Duncan 2 algae  |  carbon emission  |  Australia

growing algae clout

Inventure Chemical and Seambiotic announced this week a joint venture to create biofuels from algae fed by a coal-fired power plant.

Algae?s clout as a fuel feedstock seems to grow every day.

The joint venture will grow algae using flue gas emissions from a power plant and use the resulting liquid fuel to power its operations or sell it.
Sat August 07 2010 05:22:19 AM by Duncan 2 algae fuel  |  seambiotic  |  Inventure

Shell's springboard Award

Do you have an innovative or big ideas for the future of energy?
Then you should join Sally on web chat on july 22 2010 and apply for Shell's springboard award.

Shell?s Springboard was started by Shell here in the UK six years ago. The idea behind the program is that we can all see that climate change is obviously a massive challenge that faces everybody. But it?s also quite a big business opportunity as well.
Tue July 20 2010 03:49:03 AM by Duncan 3 Shell

Biofuel Market & Economics thru 2015

Will this report talking of third and fourth generation biofuels be useful?
Key elements of the report are said to be:

Regional and global petroleum and biofuel market dynamics
* Established and experimental third- and fourth-generation technology pathways
* Growth, harvesting, de-watering, drying, extraction, and refinement of algae
* Recent and future biofuel policies and their market implications
* The current and future cost and price structure of third- and fourth-generation of biofuel
* Forecast volumes, prices, and demand for each generation of biofuel
Tue July 20 2010 03:34:29 AM by Duncan 3 Biofuel