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Bobosi Company Profile

Comapany Name :ALGAMERICA
Comapany Website :http://www.algamerica.com
About Company :Drawing on our founder?s expertise as top designers of aquatic systems and structures we are providing standard and custom photobioreactors for the alga culture industry. The products we produce are developed from our 20 years of experience in the aquatic field and our understanding of complex electrical, hydraulic, control, temperature and structural systems. Cost effective design with and eye toward longevity, efficient use of labor, water, and energy inputs are the driving principles behind the products we develop.

Our photobioreactors can be purchase thru our online store www.bioreactorsupply.com.
Contact Us :Robert Nonemaker
75 Temple Rd
Glen Mills PA 19342
C 610-226-5362
O 610-297-4293
F 610-459-3885
Our Logo :