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Nano silica and micro nutrients for Diatom Algae 9

Diatoms are perhaps the most useful of all algae. They are responsible for about 25% of the oxygen in the atmosphere and 50% of the food in the oceans.

Diatoms are the natural source of food for fish in lakes and oceans.

However, they require silica to bloom, since they have a silica shell.

In nature dissolved silica is available but we have found that nano silica is also bioavailable and that diatoms consume it and bloom rapidly.

Diatoms can solve many problems of water pollution - eutrophication, fish kills, dead zones, red tides, etc.
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Tue July 27 2010 05:59:36 AM by Bhaskarmv Diatom algae  |  nano silica  |  micro nutrients 3889 views

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  • Shankar wrote:
    Wed July 28 2010 07:09:12 AM

    Nualgi sounds great !

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  • Thu April 14 2011 06:28:02 AM

    What is your source for nano-silca?  We have a very large Frac sand processing factory and

    open mine less than twenty miles from us.  Do you think they would have any nano sized silica in

    their wash water?

    Respond to           alanschaefer@att.net


    Thank you

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  • Bhani wrote:
    Sat April 16 2011 11:34:27 AM

    so far i know, rice husk ash has very high silica content. Is it good enough as nutrient for algae culture?  

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  • Mon April 18 2011 05:01:26 AM

    Bhani,  I think you are right about the silica content of rice husks and straw.  Besides burning to ash how else might one reduce the straw and husk material to its inorganic elements?

    Would these materials be availible to te algae?

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  • Bhani wrote:
    Wed April 20 2011 09:06:15 AM

    hi Alan, there is plenty of rice husk ash available with me.

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