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govt policy 54

on a descussion, it revealed that our govt. proved good for nothing as far as concerning biofuel policy and its implimentation.The three pillers- agriculture, petrolium and renewable ministers (all) are busy with their own problems.

My simple question- is this the right time for investing your hard earned money on a new project like algae oil/bioenergy venture?

Thu February 24 2011 09:31:15 AM by Bhani 2455 views

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  • Justj wrote:
    Sat February 26 2011 03:37:34 PM

    I believe it is the right time, if the production of algae is a secondary process. I have begun using algae as a waste water treatment process in our aquaponics system. Our primary product is Tilapia, our second product is organic vegetables grown hydrponically from the fish's water, our third product is condensed fish manure fertilizer, our fourth product is 'Duckweed' (Lemna Minor) and now our fifth product is algae. Later this summer we will be using the leftover vegetable plants, dried duckweed and shredded office waste to produce biomass briquettes for next winter's heating requirements.
        Why think of Algae in isolation? Why not put it in an ecological 'loop system'? Isn't it better to purposely mimic nature's ecology systems to produce multiple products? Is this approach a more sustainable technology?

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  • Larsyn wrote:
    Mon February 28 2011 04:58:16 PM

    The uses of Algea other than Biofuel are numerous. The research if centered on other uses of algae will pay dividend much more rapidly thus providing profits to uses for biofuel research.

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  • Tue March 01 2011 09:21:01 PM

    Everyones behind the gold rush. Everyone wants to grow algae, make oil and become an oil baron. 

    With carbon credits or carbon tax coming about, it may make sense to just grow algae, r use is it for bio remediation, or as a bio mass, any whihc way will be profitable.

    With queensland and christchurch just behind us, no price will be too much for emission reduction.

    Hv not talked of numerous high value products that can be made from algae.

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  • Thu March 10 2011 04:15:12 PM

    Hi Mia:

    My Solution is a missing link in the energy chain. Multifuel Turbine,RET,runs with oilgae/biofuel/any heated wrk'g fluids (lo-hi temps),pressure stock to gen. power (mechanical/ electrcty),inexpensive, scalable.RET Hybridizes w algae production. It is All Economics and efficiency. Can also be used to provide the operational energy requirements.


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