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Bardpa2010 Company Profile

Comapany Name :Biofuel Advance Research and Development (BARD)
Comapany Website :http://www.bardholding.com
About Company :BARD Holding Inc. is focused on playing a leadership role in the global transition from petroleum based diesel to alternative feedstock based biodiesel. With a combination of award winning technology as well as a dynamic and well defined business model, BARD is poised to capitalize on the significant opportunities in the biodiesel market. BARD has developed a process to cultivate algae on a commercial scale that will significantly reduce the production costs of biodiesel.
Contact Us :Administrative Office

1167 Bridge Street
Philadelphia PA 19124
215-825-8593 (Phone)
215-689-3993 (Fax)

Plant Location

Keystone Industrial Port Complex (KIPC)
1 Ben Fairless Drive, Fairless Hills, PA 19030
Our Logo :