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how to start the algae production? 2

Hello All,
I have seen almost all the post on this website. Everyone is trying to promote this industry and so posting comments like xyz has invested abc amount, 123 has invested pqr amount or another new company or venture has won such prize or award. But no one is posting the procedure of growing the algae or what to do to grow algae in open pond or in closed compound and the drawbacks or advantages of both or no one has mentioned the approx investment. All are either talking in millions or trillions.
No one is giving information which is useful for a laymen. if you all really want to promote this invention to save this earth or to control the inflation rate of the countries or moreover if you REALLY WANT TO HELP others then instead of posting this millions of trillions of amount or who won what, give the information that will really help those small-time struggle rs who want to get into production.
Post the information about where to get the oil press machines or easiest way to turn that oil into biodiesel or how to produce algae in open or closed plant.

Hope to hear something positive which a laymen can understand.
Thu June 24 2010 10:54:45 AM by Ashishjadhav 1266 views

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