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A new start up in the old NREL ! 1

Ten years after NREL?s Aquatic Species Program was shut down, a similar initiative began and now is thriving in its algae research, which includes the evaluation of CO2 recycling.By Lisa Gibson
Between 1978 and 1996, the Aquatic Species Program at the U.S. DOE?s National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Colorado expanded the biofuel portfolio beyond ethanol through its research on freshwater plants, wetland emergents and, of course, algae. That work eventually focused on biodiesel from microalgae, but the entire program was terminated due to low petroleum prices and the projected high costs of algal biofuel production. 
But with increases in oil prices, piqued interest in greenhouse gas mitigation and aggressive energy security goals have come a renewed interest in algal biofuel research, and thus the restart of the program, or something similar to it.
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