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Solar powered bioreactor. Wind, wave and solar power are not cost effective. Algalsolution is the first green energy company to achieve cost effectivity with their patented Solar powered algal bioreactor. To see more www.algalsolution.com - 11 years ago

In your opinion,how many litres of Algae would produce 5 grams per day (approximately) - 11 years ago

Here at www.algalsolution.com we believe we have produced Biofuel cost effectively. Does anybody know the going rate for 100,000. Litres of Biofuel here in England. - 11 years ago

Does anyone have any data regarding Co2 levels close to Electricity and Cement plants - 11 years ago

We beleive thatBotryococus braunii is the best producer of oil in sweetwater. Does anybody have a better one? - 11 years ago

Hello Parkavi, Open pond systems have many problems. Closed BPRs have fewer. Our BP1 can be installed anywhere and can work with The Sun, Artificial light, Solar Panels or all 3. www.algalsolution.com - 11 years ago

Commercial scale does not have to be monopolised by conglomerates , we beleive the opening gambit to be a cottage industry because of the labour intensity needed in the initial stages. www.algalsolution.com - 11 years ago

You are right but the way to go is artificial light. Can be viewed on my website www.algalsolution.com - 11 years ago