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Best Strain of Microalgae 6

We believe that botryococus braunii is the best producer of oil. Does anyone have a better one?
Sun May 16 2010 12:41:24 PM by Algalsolution 1874 views

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  • Larsyn wrote:
    Sun May 16 2010 03:49:46 PM

    I'm into Wastewater treatment. Spirulina & others will handle some heavy metals. In nwastewater you will have bto deal with each systems fertilitry individually

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  • Mon May 17 2010 04:38:07 AM

    Hi Larsyn,Have you any information on oil content and growth rate of spirulina.

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  • AntonHuman wrote:
    Mon May 17 2010 02:20:27 PM

    Would you know how to:
    1. For instance, if water from a natural field stream is used to supply a closed bioreactor/pond, how is the initial and subsequent top-up supplies sterelized without negatively affecting the main strain strain/completely routing it out ?
    2. If at all possible, how does one protect an open pond system from airborne contamination ?
    Anton human in RSA. antonhuman@webmail.co.za

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  • Parkavi wrote:
    Tue May 18 2010 01:06:09 AM

    Botryococcus braunii grows slowly but

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  • GSAN wrote:
    Sun May 30 2010 06:40:14 PM

    Hi algaesolution, what do you mean by "high"?. I think I am getting "low" yields, but I don't have nothing to compare with. What kind of extraction method do you use? I am using hexane....
    King regards.

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  • Sat June 05 2010 12:40:30 PM

    We believe we have produced Biofuel cost effectively. Does anybody know the going rate for 100,000.Litres of Biofuel here in England.

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