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Rapeseed, Jatropha, Palm - Oil

We have just sold every litre of oil that we can produce, and are looking for a further 30,000 MT of Rapeseed, Jatropha or Palm OIL per month.

Wed August 03 2011 09:15:14 AM by Algalsolution 1

Closed Bioreactors

Cultivating local wild algae would be ideal for biofuel if they could produce sufficient percentages of lipid oil, unfortunately they can't. Algae cannot be cultivated in open ponds because of cross contamination, particularly using hybrid strains. This is a fact. For this reason researchers at Algalsolution have devoted their resources into creating the most cost effective bioreactor design. Since April 2010 British government legislation has made it viable to use solar panels and benefit from huge grants. We are in the process of creating a large research centre in England. After careful consideration we have decided to donate our bioreactors to selected overseas researchers to escalate the planet to a biofuel economy.
Sun October 31 2010 12:55:24 PM by Algalsolution 3

Acceleration to a biofuel economy

Algae is the answer it is just a question of the most cost effective system. We are working predominantly in this diretion.From our extensive research we have arrived at these conclusions.;

Use of PBRs to prevent cross contamination from foreign strains, contamination to foodcrps from our genetically engineered strains and scalability.

Urine to administer nitrogen and H20.

Placement close to high Co2 producing industries for economical aeraration.

Economical flocculation using Algae starch (biproduct) for ethanol production.

Growth enhancement from non expensive additives.

If there is a more cost effective process. We would like to know.


Sun August 29 2010 10:10:10 AM by Algalsolution 5

Solar Powered Bioreactor

Wind, wave and solar power are not yet cost effective.
Algalsolution is the first green energy to achieve cost effectivity with their patented Solar powered algal bioreactor.
To see more www.algalsolution.com
Wed July 28 2010 11:57:11 AM by Algalsolution 8

100 Bioreactors

We have patented an extremely efficient Bioreactor with a capacity of 500 litres, that uses no electricity and can be produced for 200 pounds (Sterling).
One person could easily manage 100 of our units;
100 Bioreactors x 500 litres = 50,000 litres
100 Bioreactors x 5 grams per litre = 250 kilos per day
100 Bioreactors x 50% lipid oil = 125 litres per day
100 Bioreactors x 200 (Sterling) = 20,000 (Sterling)
100 bioreactors x 500sq centimetres = 50sq metres
The next step is to put this into operation, and we are currently looking for investors and land owners in developing coutries with good climate.
Mon June 28 2010 05:33:32 AM by Algalsolution 11 Cost effectivity

Cost Effectivity

Here at www.algalsolution.com we believe we have produced Biofuel cost effectively. Does anybody know the going rate for 100,000.Litres of Biofuel here in England.
Sat June 05 2010 12:43:58 PM by Algalsolution 3

Best Strain of Microalgae

We believe that botryococus braunii is the best producer of oil. Does anyone have a better one?
Sun May 16 2010 12:41:24 PM by Algalsolution 6


Has any one got a good fertilizer for our research department to anylise
Sun May 02 2010 09:13:21 AM by Algalsolution 8