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algae biofuel projects 2 ( hope from all members give me your opinions and
suggestions ) 32

i,m sorry for my late in my response on you ,
firstly i want to thank you to your responses on my idea which i want to be true not dream
secondly i ask you to put your suggestions to the framework of this organizations or team , what we can do to distribute our dream in our countries , i think that we should study well the conditions of countries which we think that it will be suitable to construct this project to know from where we can to start ( make feasibility study to them ) , then with the name of our organization which i suggest to be (algae for future), talk with the officials and offering our project on them , and i think when we prepare well to this project , we will success ,
please give me your opinion and suggestions .
Thu June 03 2010 06:25:45 AM by Algaelover 2412 views

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  • Fri June 04 2010 04:53:46 AM

    Well done for your efforts. If you need any help or advice please do not hesitate to contact us info@algalsolution.com

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  • Manohar wrote:
    Fri June 04 2010 10:46:37 AM

    You are right Algaelover !
    ( Itwill be great if you can use your real name. Easy to become friends)
    I am glad that your organisation is going to study, share and construct biofuel plants. Great. You can ask all queries in our club. There are many experts here who can answer your questions.

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  • Mahesh wrote:
    Sat June 05 2010 06:09:31 AM

    Ya, your real name plz :)

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  • SauravDas wrote:
    Fri February 18 2011 07:28:44 AM

    i am too much interested to be a part of your team...

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