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i want to ask all freinds what we do in oilgae club , if we here to exchange knowledge ,this will be nice thing but i think that this is not our role , our role is to supprot our dreams by make algae fuel is true in our countries .

until now there are not commercial scale to algae fuel (biodiesel, bioethanol, ....etc) why ? the answers is high but i think until now we don,t believe with the importance of algae .

i hope to make task force from us with the name of oilgae team , its task to be true media reflect the huge future of algae to Officials in our countries , to reach in the end to make true algae fuel projects in our countries with the name of oilgae team distribute in all countries of world .
Wed April 28 2010 06:41:15 AM by Algaelover 5004 views

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  • Parkavi wrote:
    Mon April 26 2010 07:21:45 AM

    Happy to be the first one to join you.

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  • Abomohra wrote:
    Mon April 26 2010 07:30:14 AM

    It's very good idea. If we did that, we will be transferred from theoretical words to practical works... I'm completely agree with you and happy to join you

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  • Wasana wrote:
    Mon April 26 2010 09:53:17 AM

    I found out from resources that the commercialization of algae fuel is expected by 2013...

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  • James wrote:
    Mon April 26 2010 10:37:56 AM

    The global race of commercialising algae fuel has already exploded and of which, US tops it all....

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  • Manohar wrote:
    Mon April 26 2010 11:04:53 AM

    Great idea Narsi !
    The team needs to locate Grants in Govs.
    Plus it can locate Krishnamurthys viz from Singapore who is interested in starting a business in Spore. ( A member of oilgae club)

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  • Algaelover wrote:
    Mon April 26 2010 11:46:57 AM

    i,m very happy to your responses , let us begin with ourselves , i think we are from different countries which represent most countries of the world , we can be consider organization invites the world to create algae biofuel projects , i think we have the information and power which make us able to make that , are you agree with me ? if ok please send to me your imagine for scope of this organization

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  • Mahesh wrote:
    Mon April 26 2010 04:06:18 PM

    I'm already doing this job in Bangalore, spreading the awareness of algae in the immediate and long term future...... I'm concentrating more on Spirulina, through which eradicate India's malnutrition.. PM called Malnutrition as a national shame in his Independence day speech.. I'm campaigning in various enggineering colleges in bangalore, as I'm also a final year engg student..... And i have a dream of eradicating malnutrition from India.

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  • Nafisa wrote:
    Tue April 27 2010 02:54:06 AM

    im also very glad to see ur ideas.it will be really praiseworthy if we start commercial production of biofuel from algae.i being a student of m.sc in genetic engineering has already started a post m.sc project on biofuel from a particular green alga.if i be remain successful through this work i will definitely help it to grow in a large commercial purposes.

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  • Wed April 28 2010 07:33:46 AM

    i am also very glad to join

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  • Abyjain wrote:
    Thu April 29 2010 04:11:58 PM

    i would definitely love to be a part of such a group. @VIT,Vellore we are working with the generation of oil and many more. do keep me posted on where this leads!!

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  • Mahesh wrote:
    Sat June 05 2010 06:05:38 AM

    So, how many are in the team? :)

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