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algae for future organization

this is the first step in algae for future organization , firstly i want from you to register you in the organization you don,t loss any thing but you may be benefit for your country , you have the experience and we need it and we have the power of support and you need it.

please don,t hesitate to be member in this organizations , we need all the categories to be with us , we need the technician and accountants , we need companies and enterprises and persons want really to construct algae for future projects .

i waiting you to send to me on the mail your name and company and the services which can introduce to the organization and i will send to you the Approval with my imagine about the role which can play in the organization .

identification about me

my name is fatma sakr and i hope that desert of my country become green with the algae for bio-diesel or bioethanol for biofuel overall , i hope to treat the sewage which fill my country to be pure water by algae .
i hope that my country don,t import millions of fuel each year , this is my wishes and i think you have the same wishes , i belief that only algae can make that .and we can not make it by our selves we need to be powerful to Persuade Officials with our dream we need to give them real project with profit to make this dream , in the end i hope to help me to Implement this dream .
Mon June 21 2010 06:24:12 AM by Algaelover 2

algae biofuel projects 2 ( hope from all members give me your opinions and suggestions )

i,m sorry for my late in my response on you ,
firstly i want to thank you to your responses on my idea which i want to be true not dream
secondly i ask you to put your suggestions to the framework of this organizations or team , what we can do to distribute our dream in our countries , i think that we should study well the conditions of countries which we think that it will be suitable to construct this project to know from where we can to start ( make feasibility study to them ) , then with the name of our organization which i suggest to be (algae for future), talk with the officials and offering our project on them , and i think when we prepare well to this project , we will success ,
please give me your opinion and suggestions .
Thu June 03 2010 06:25:45 AM by Algaelover 32

algae biofuel projects

i want to ask all freinds what we do in oilgae club , if we here to exchange knowledge ,this will be nice thing but i think that this is not our role , our role is to supprot our dreams by make algae fuel is true in our countries .

until now there are not commercial scale to algae fuel (biodiesel, bioethanol, ....etc) why ? the answers is high but i think until now we don,t believe with the importance of algae .

i hope to make task force from us with the name of oilgae team , its task to be true media reflect the huge future of algae to Officials in our countries , to reach in the end to make true algae fuel projects in our countries with the name of oilgae team distribute in all countries of world .
Wed April 28 2010 06:41:15 AM by Algaelover 13