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Dear fellow members of the Oilgae Club,

we are a German startup, which patented a new kind of highly efficent PBR. At the moment we are running a lot of tests in the lab and are looking forward to finish the work on the full-scale prototype system.

Once the prototype PBR system is working, the really hard work for us is still to come. We have to run a complex testing and optimisation program, to be ready to develop a product out of the prototype.

For these exciting, upcoming steps we are looking for enthusiastic, new team members.

Please feel free to look up the full job offers on our website:


We look forward to your applications.

Thank you very much

All the best

Sat August 14 2010 01:49:51 PM by Algaegrowth effective  |  job  |  PBR 1896 views
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