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I have been growing algae for more than 20 years, all as food for various aquaculture species. Now things are a little different and I am working with someone who wants to take flue CO2 and use it to grow algae for other purposes (e.g., human food, feed ingredient etc). Can anyone point me to a reference(s) which details the dry weight of various species. Data that can be verified. I am looking for data which gives values in grams per litre (or can be converted to it) when the algae is harvested in exponential phase. I realize that such a figure can be highly variable due to growing conditions, nutrients, temperature etc. For example, a figure which should be reasonably universal is at what dry weight is Spirulina harvested from open ponds.
Thu May 06 2010 02:47:49 PM by Alby 1354 views

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  • Narsi wrote:
    Thu May 06 2010 03:05:39 PM

    For Spirulina I can tell you what the dry weight is in open ponds - approx 6-7 g/m2/day. This data I got from the horse's mouth - from someone who has worked with companies in this field for over 15 years...

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  • Alby wrote:
    Thu May 06 2010 03:26:32 PM

    Thank-you, Narsi, for that figure. It's different to what I have heard of before. As someone who has never worked with open ponds before I need to get my head around this g/m2/day. Assuming that the pond is 'x' cm deep (say 20 cm) can I extrapolate that the figure to g/m3/day as 5 times that of a pond 20 cm deep? So in my scenario production would be 30 g/m3/day? Or am I off the track completely?

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  • Fri May 07 2010 05:12:25 AM

    Our closed PBR has an efficient depth of 2000 cm

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  • Alby wrote:
    Wed May 12 2010 01:29:53 PM

    I can't seem to find anything definitive on dry weight per litre. It's all in g/m2/day. However I did find a review on production rates and it would seem that around 20g/m2/day is possible.

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