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Biodiesel By-Product Could be Made Into More Biodiesel 3

A by-product of biodiesel could end up being another feedstock for more of the green fuel.

This article from Biodiesel Magazine tells how Spain-based Neuron BioIndustrial is turning glycerin, made during the biodiesel brewing process, into an oil called MicroBiOil, which, in turn, is being made into more biodiesel:

Neuron BioIndustrial has selected a specific type of microorganism that metabolizes large quantities of raw glycerin as the sole carbon source. The resulting microbial mass contains more than 50 percent of its dry weight as lipids. These microorganisms are nonpathogenic and are not genetically modified.

The microbial oil can be extracted by common extraction methods due to its similar composition to oils conventionally used for biodiesel production (e.g., soybean, sunflower oils). This oil can be used as new raw material to produce biodiesel as its properties and fatty acid composition is in accordance with European (EN14214) and American (ASTM D6751) standards. It is also possible to carry out a methanolysis with the microbial biomass to directly obtain the mixture of methyl ester.

You can read more about the process on the Neuron BioIndustrial Web site.

Source: http://domesticfuel.com/2010/05/20/biodiesel-by-product-could-be-made-into-more-biodiesel/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed: DomesticFuel (Domestic Fuel)&utm_content=Yahoo! Mail
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  • Manohar wrote:
    Wed May 26 2010 03:44:46 AM

    TriBioPlast? is a biotechnological way of obtaining bioplastics with multiple applications.

    Neuron BioIndustrial has developed TriBioPlast?,a new ?clean? technology to produce plastics from micro-organisms. These plastics are doubly ecological. On the one hand they are biodegradable and on the other they come from biological resources such as industrial or food by-products/residues.

    Is it possible to get this technology ! What are its features ! How much does it cost ?

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  • Moeyssn wrote:
    Thu May 27 2010 03:17:03 AM


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  • Veronica wrote:
    Fri July 02 2010 05:08:10 AM


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