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Algae biofuel could launch new coastal industry 3

Twelve leading UK teams will work together with the organisation to find the best formula for cultivating 70bn litres of algae biofuel a year by 2030 that could be used by both global marine and land transport. It would provide a saving of over 160m tons of CO2 every year.

Starting from first principles of agriculture, thousands of strains of algae will be screened to find the winning few that can produce large quantities of a substance similar to vegetable oil.
Additional research will develop methods for enabling large-scale production in algae ponds and next year the Carbon Trust plans to start construction of a pilot demonstration plant in an equatorial region where algae are most productive.

More details here:
Mon April 19 2010 09:03:12 AM by Abomohra 1802 views

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  • Thu April 22 2010 09:03:24 AM

    Who says that algae are most productive in an equatorial region?

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  • Abomohra wrote:
    Thu April 22 2010 10:26:03 AM

    Dear Spicedreams,
    You can find this fact in Chisti, Y. (2007) Biodiesel from microalgae, Biotechnology Advances 25 294?306.
    You find the answer in Table 1 of this literature.
    Best Regards

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  • Manohar wrote:
    Sat May 01 2010 10:36:53 AM

    That is good news Abmohra !
    What are the basic steps for strain selection? Why cant something like what is happening in UK happen in India too ?
    What is required to make it happen?

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