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DOE Announces $36M in Advanced Biofuels & Chemicals Funding - 11 years ago

U.S. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu announced this month $36 million in federal grants to fund six small-scale projects in five states designed to produce drop-in advanced biofuels and other ...- more

HAPPY NEW YEAR - 11 years ago

Hi everyone,A New YearA New ChallengeA New GoalA New OptimismA New ApproachA New MissionA New ResolutionWishing you a very“HAPPY NEW YEAR”Sincerely Yours, Abd El-Fatah Ibrahim Abo-Mohra, Current address:Biozentrum Klein FlottbekZellbiologie ...- more

MSU: Major scientific breakthrough in algae biofuel - 11 years ago

Last summer, a team of Montana State University researchers made a scientific breakthrough that has eluded scientists for decades. It's a discovery that makes algae a much more ...- more

Company Debuts Biodiesel Hybrid Wind Turbine - 12 years ago

A Colorado-based wind turbine company believes it has the solution when winds are not enough to generate electricty: team the turbine up with clean-burning biodiesel. Smartplanet.com says Hybrid Turbines ...- more

Micro-algae production of sustainable biofuel coming - 12 years ago

Two researchers say producing sustainable and economically viable biodiesel from micro-algae on a large scale will be feasible within 10-15 years. Technological innovations in this timeframe are expected ...- more

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