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Algae is the Holy Grail of Hydrogen Economy Posted by Aathmika on Fri July 30 2010 10:09:49 AM 2

OriginOil, a Los Angeles based algae oil technology company, issued a press release stating that they had developed a Hydrogen Harvester that cheaply collects hydrogen molecules given off by algae.

This announcement could prove significant for both the hydrogen and algae fuel sectors.

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has been looking at various techniques to stimulate hydrogen production in algae. However, up until this point, most of these methods were in some way detrimental to the health of algal cell.

OriginOil's process, on the other hand, does not seem to harm the algae. In fact, their process allows the algae to produce oil, biomass, AND hydrogen simultaneously.

This breakthrough offers the potential to leapfrog both the hydrogen and algae industries forward. With OriginOil being an algae technology company and not an actual algae producer, whatever technology they create will be available to market to the industry as a whole.

Therefore, a discovery like this has the potential to be benefit not just one company, but the entire algae biofuel industry.