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Evodos Saves Energy Posted by Aathmika on Mon October 04 2010 10:33:41 AM 1

  Evodos of Netherlands has reduced the rate of energy consumption for algae harvesting by a factor of three to  0.7 KWHh per kilogram[dry weight] of algae.  The Evodos machines are soon to be launched in the market. The company?s tests were conducted on Nannochloropsis with an initial concentration of 3 Kg per cubic meter (3 grams per liter

Tax Break for Algae Industry Posted by Aathmika on Sun October 03 2010 12:15:22 PM 2

 Finally Algae Industry gets a tax break.A bill meant to give tax breaks to companies working on algae feedstocks-generated biofuel has been approved by the US House of Representatives.   The bill defines "algae-based biofuel" as ?any liquid fuel which is produced from the biomass of an algal organism (in essence, an organism that is primarily aquatic and classified as a non-vascular plant).  Unlike other biofuels algae has no controversial issue-fuel versus food on usage of land.