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Algae biofuel gets Inadequate Funding Posted by Aathmika on Wed August 25 2010 08:50:10 AM 2

  Historically Algae biofuel research has been under funded  Algae biofuels does not receive adequate federal funds says Sapphire Energy VP..
  A couple of companies like PetroAlgae and Solazyme have taken the IPO route but this too seems premature and has not had the expected response.  Remember reading Shankar's blog on thishttp://www.oilgae.com/club/users/Shankar/blogs/tags/IPOs   

 What could be the reason for this?  One reason could be that algae research  is difficult to classify, has yet to find its niche department.

Is it a plant -  Does it come under the Department of agriculture  or Is it a fuel, regulated by Department of  EnergyorAs algae fuel is being used by the defense does it come under the jurisdiction of Department of Defense.    The government needs to do much more.