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Dream Team to Deliver Cheap Algae Biodiesel Posted by Aathmika on Wed October 20 2010 09:05:57 AM 2

    Cost of algae oil extraction has been a stumbling block in algae gaining popularity.

  A group of elite scientist of UK appear to have overcome this issue.

An elite scientific team drawn from leading research institutions in the UK, are progressing well in a bid to find a successful formula to create low-cost biofuel in vast quantities.

   The Newcastle researchers are also developing methods for enabling large-scale production in algae ponds. The Carbon Trust is planning to construct a pilot demonstration plant in an equatorial region where algae are most prolific. 

It hopes to develop a system to cultivate and process 70 billion litres of algae biofuel a year, cost effectively and sustainably by 2030.

This will be equivalent to six per cent of road transport diesel and a saving of more than 160 million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) every year.

Working for the UK's Carbon Trust, the project involves among others, researchers at universities at Newcastle upon Tyne, Manchester, Sheffield and Southampton.

Solazyme Research in Algae Oil Posted by Aathmika on Sat October 09 2010 08:00:11 AM 1

Solazyme ,a biotechnology company and Ecopetrol continue to work together on algae oil and biproducts using microalgae.Solazyme enters into Third phase of research. and development with Ecopetrol in Colombia.
Ecopetrol (EC, NYSE), is  the largest company in Colombia and one of the four major oil companies in Latin America, to analyze manufacturing viability of algae-based diesel fuel using renewable Colombian feedstocks such as sugarcane and byproduct glycerol. 

   Solazyme founded in 2003 has a unique technology that allows algae to produce oil and biomaterials in standard fermentation facilities quickly, efficiently.
  The third phase will be conducting large-scale fermentation and engineering of demonstration scale facilities. Following this phase, the parties plan to move toward commercial deployment of renewable oil and fuel production.

   Do they have the answer for widespread usage of algae oil?

Biofuel from Brown Algae Posted by Aathmika on Thu October 07 2010 11:01:15 AM

Brown algae (Macrocystis
pyrifera), better known as huiro is  to produce 
biofuel. Pesquera San Jos?
 is now co-developing the
InnovaChile project BAL Biofuels, a consortium of biotechnology research,
development and innovation (I D i).

The main
objective of the initiative is to develop the production of algae to capture
carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and to obtain competitively priced oils for
biodiesel production.

Investers of
the project will put forward USD 5 million, which will include the construction
of a pilot plant in the Region of Los Lagos, where the seaweed will be used to
produce ethanol.

Genetic Engineering and Algae Posted by Aathmika on Thu September 23 2010 08:32:03 AM 2

Dr Stephen Mayfield  of Skaggs and Skripps Institute of Research and  the scientific advisor for Sapphire has presented a case for the need for  genetic engineering of algae.   Cost, scalability and sustainability has selected algae as a suitable platform for biofuel.He estimates cost of production between $3-$60 per gallon. He sites reason for the engineering production of cellulose degrading  enzymes in algaeOn the whole a detailed analysis of algae biofuel is seen  

Algae Tec strikes good Revenue model Posted by Aathmika on Fri August 27 2010 04:56:04 AM

   Algae is multi productive-biodiesel, ethanol,
plastics, feedstock, jet fuel   to mention a few; further research can throw
up many new products.

Algae Tec's McConchie-Shroud system makes algae highly
viable, so much so China and Australia have signed MOUs with it.

Limited (ACN 124 544 190),  has secured
the exclusive global rights to a pioneering highly-efficient algae growth and
harvesting system (the McConchie-Stroud System).

McConchie-Stroud algae production technology are designed to generate four
revenue streams: oils which can be refined into biodiesel; carbohydrates
(sugars) that can be used in the production of ethanol; proteins that can be
used as feedstock for farm animals; and protein and carbohydrate biomass that
can be combined to produce jet fuel.


 Hong Kong company Pacific Minerals
Limited and Australian company RKD International Pty Ltd provides for the
establishment of a Chinese joint venture with the objective of introducing
Algae.Tec's technology into
 China with the establishment of commercial production facilities.

McConchie-Stroud uses low-maintenance technologies and a highly efficient solar
system to produce algae in one-tenth of the land surface as compared to the
current pond method for producing algae.

Algae.Tec System is designed to deliver the highest yield of algae per hectare,
and solves the problem of food-producing land being turned over for bio fuel

is backed by investors from the United Kingdom, Asia and
the USA who have invested more than $5 million in research and development of the
algae production technology over the past seven years




Algae biofuel gets Inadequate Funding Posted by Aathmika on Wed August 25 2010 08:50:10 AM 2

  Historically Algae biofuel research has been under funded  Algae biofuels does not receive adequate federal funds says Sapphire Energy VP..
  A couple of companies like PetroAlgae and Solazyme have taken the IPO route but this too seems premature and has not had the expected response.  Remember reading Shankar's blog on thishttp://www.oilgae.com/club/users/Shankar/blogs/tags/IPOs   

 What could be the reason for this?  One reason could be that algae research  is difficult to classify, has yet to find its niche department.

Is it a plant -  Does it come under the Department of agriculture  or Is it a fuel, regulated by Department of  EnergyorAs algae fuel is being used by the defense does it come under the jurisdiction of Department of Defense.    The government needs to do much more.