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Algae Tec strikes good Revenue model Posted by Aathmika on Fri August 27 2010 04:56:04 AM

   Algae is multi productive-biodiesel, ethanol,
plastics, feedstock, jet fuel   to mention a few; further research can throw
up many new products.

Algae Tec's McConchie-Shroud system makes algae highly
viable, so much so China and Australia have signed MOUs with it.

Limited (ACN 124 544 190),  has secured
the exclusive global rights to a pioneering highly-efficient algae growth and
harvesting system (the McConchie-Stroud System).

McConchie-Stroud algae production technology are designed to generate four
revenue streams: oils which can be refined into biodiesel; carbohydrates
(sugars) that can be used in the production of ethanol; proteins that can be
used as feedstock for farm animals; and protein and carbohydrate biomass that
can be combined to produce jet fuel.


 Hong Kong company Pacific Minerals
Limited and Australian company RKD International Pty Ltd provides for the
establishment of a Chinese joint venture with the objective of introducing
Algae.Tec's technology into
 China with the establishment of commercial production facilities.

McConchie-Stroud uses low-maintenance technologies and a highly efficient solar
system to produce algae in one-tenth of the land surface as compared to the
current pond method for producing algae.

Algae.Tec System is designed to deliver the highest yield of algae per hectare,
and solves the problem of food-producing land being turned over for bio fuel

is backed by investors from the United Kingdom, Asia and
the USA who have invested more than $5 million in research and development of the
algae production technology over the past seven years