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Algal Biotechnology by Mihir Kumar Das 2

This book is a theoretical treatise on several aspects of Algal Biotechnology. In each article Prof Mihir Kumar Das has co authored, except the one written by Mark Edwards of ASU.  As you are aware Mark is well known for his 101 on algae and his award winning book.This book by Prof Mihir Kumar is not a treaty on algae biofuel. If you read the index, you will know more.
Has anyone read it ? how is it ? any reviews ?

AUTHOR: Mihir Kumar Das
PUBLISHER: Daya Publishing House
ISBN: 9788170356479
YEAR: 2010
PAGES: 301
SIZE: 16 x 24 x 2 cm.

ABOUT THE BOOK: Algal biotechnology has come a long way since the early days of agronomy /mariculture for food use and the recovery of agars, carrageenans and alginates. Our increasing knowledge of algal physiology and biochemistry, combined with genetic engineering is opening up new vistas. 

The application of the ability to grow microalgae to very high yields in bioreactors, to a percentage of a theoretical maximum, as opposed to ponds, holds great promise for the future of algal biotechnology. 

At the macroalgal side possibilities on the horizon involve their use as a source of antifoulants, the possible use of sulfated polysaccharides in biomedical applications and the possibility of genetically engineering macroalgae to provide deterrence to microbial pathogens in mariculture. 

In the final analysis the expanded future of applying algal biotechnology for good, new and imaginative use must lie in ensuring that good science is tied to good economics.

The present volume is a compilation of 20 chapters which discuss on the industrial applications in the field of biological nitrogen fixation, nutraceuticals and other bioactive compounds. 

Recent advances in cyanobacteria for bioactive compounds, active against a number of disease causing bacteria, viruses and fungi, their significant potential for colorants, polysaccharides, pharmaceuticals and pharmacological probes and also in the field of environment protection have been reflected in most of the chapters. This book will open a new vista in the field of algal biotechnology.

The aim of bringing out of this book is to bring together the multi-disciplinary researches going around the world in the area of Algal Biotechnology and to disseminate information on the latest information on algae and this has been made possible only by the contribution of articles by the nationally and internationally acclaimed authors. 

The book will be useful to the students, teachers, scientists and researchers from the different branches of microbiology, plant science and biotechnology.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dr. Mihir Kumar Das is a Reader in Post-Graduate Department of Botany, GangadharMeher College (Autonomous), Sambalpur. He did his Ph.D. from Utkal University in 1977. He hasbeen imparting teaching in taxonomy, microbiology, biotechnology etc. at Under- Graduate, Post-Graduate and M.Phil, levels. 

He has significant contributions in the field of cyanobacterial diversity and also angiosperm taxonomy. He has attended many national and international symposia and workshops and organized two national symposia.

 He has published many research articles in national and international journals. He has completed two U.G.C. research projects and has availed another U.G.C. project during 2009-10. He guides M.Phil, and Ph.D. students. He has written one text book 'A Text Book on Plant Nomenclature and Biodiversity Conservation'for B.Sc. and M.Sc. students and edited a book on 'Environmental Biotechnology and Biodiversity Conservation'.

 He writes popular articles in the science magazines, newspapers and also delivers talk on AIR and Doordarshan for diffusion of knowledge. He is the life member of many learned societies. He was conferred an honorary appointment to the 'Research Board of Advisors' since 2002 by the American Biographical Institute, Inc and also the award of "Scientist of the Year- 2004" by NESA, New Delhi. He was also appointed as "Facilitator-cum- Evaluator' by the Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India, and New Delhi for a period of three years (2005-08).

A. Preface
B. List of Contributors
1. The Algal Industry Survey
    Mark Edwards
2. Prospective in Diatom Nanotechnology
    JannendraRath, SikhaMandal and Bijaya Kumar Padhi
3. Programmed Cell Death: An Integral Event in the Development of Algae and Higher Organisms
    Shiv ShankerPandey, Vivek Ambashtha and BudhiSagarTiwari
4. Spirulina: The Superfood and Medicine
    Preeti Das, A.K. Mishra andMihirK. Das
5. Application of Seaweeds as Food: A Scenario
    P.V. SubbaRao, K. Ganesan and K. Suresh Kumar
6. UV-B Radiation-Induced Stress and Protection Strategies in Cyanobacteria
    R.P. Sinha,M.B. Tyagi, Sushil Kumar and Ashok Kumar
7. Growth Response of Cyanobacteria from Sandy Soil and Mine Waste Burdened Soil to Different Environmental Variables
    PramilaTripathy and S.P. Adhikary
8. The Impact of Fungicides on Rice Field Cyanobacteria
    Anshuman Das and Mihir Kumar Das
9. Role of Blue Green Algae in Rice Production
    Y.V. Singh
10. Biotechnological Relevance of Microbes in Agriculture
    Rajan Kumar Gupta
11. Lipids and Fatty Acids from Marine Algae: A Potential Biofuel Resource
    S. Chakraborty and T. Bhattacharya
12. Algal Biodiesel: Procedures and Resources for Laboratory Study
    SimratKaur, H.K. Gogoi, R.B. Srivastava andM.C. Kalita
13. Industrial Utilization of Algal Fatty Acids
    S.B. Padhi, P.K. Swain, S.K. Behera and G. Behera
14. Cyanobacterial Toxins
    AnjanaPandey and ArchanaTiwari
15. Algae and the Human Affairs in the 21st Century
    Surendra Singh, Shipra Das and AnuradhaTiwari
16. Responses of Rice Field Cyanobacteria to Insecticides
    Mihir Kumar Das
17. Cyanobacterial Toxins and Public Health
    Mukesh Kumar
18. Cyanobacteria for Biofertilizer, Bioremediation and Bioactive Compounds
    Kaushal Kishore Choudhary
19. Production of Nutraceuticals and Antioxidant Enzymes in a Tropical Food Alga Nostochopsislobatus
20. Bioremediation of Heavy Metals by Microalgae
    V.D. Pandey
C. Author Index
D. Subject Index

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Comments - 2

  • Shankar wrote:
    Fri October 15 2010 03:04:29 AM

    Although it is not a treatise on oil from algae,which is waht all of have assembled here for, the book has lot of relevant topics.
    will look for it in the bookshop next time i visit.
    would still invite some reviews from our learned techie friends.

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  • Fri October 15 2010 06:00:18 AM

    Sounds interesting. What are other good books for freshers. I mean those with PG but less than 2/3 years of experience, researching in algae. General book than specific like lighting.

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