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Solazyme Research in Algae Oil 1

Solazyme ,a biotechnology company and Ecopetrol continue to work together on algae oil and biproducts using microalgae.Solazyme enters into Third phase of research. and development with Ecopetrol in Colombia.
Ecopetrol (EC, NYSE), is  the largest company in Colombia and one of the four major oil companies in Latin America, to analyze manufacturing viability of algae-based diesel fuel using renewable Colombian feedstocks such as sugarcane and byproduct glycerol. 

   Solazyme founded in 2003 has a unique technology that allows algae to produce oil and biomaterials in standard fermentation facilities quickly, efficiently.
  The third phase will be conducting large-scale fermentation and engineering of demonstration scale facilities. Following this phase, the parties plan to move toward commercial deployment of renewable oil and fuel production.

   Do they have the answer for widespread usage of algae oil?
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  • Fri October 29 2010 03:16:27 PM

    In a laboratory just a few steps away from the warehouse, white-coated scientists for a company called Solazyme are changing the genetic makeup of algae to construct a new generation of fuels.

    These 'bioengineered' algae are placed into tanks, where they get fat on sugar beets, switch grass or a host of other plants. The sun's energy, which is stored in the plants, is transformed by the hungry algae into oil, which can be refined into jet fuel, bio-diesel, cooking oil or even cosmetics.

    While it may sound far-fetched, the U.S. Navy in September ordered more than 150,000 gallons of ship and jet fuel from Solazyme and the company received a $21.8 million ((EURO)15.7 million) grant from the U.S. Department of Energy last year to build a new refinery in Riverside, Pennsylvania, to help push production to commercial levels.

    'Most of the planet is producing some kind of plant matter, even in the oceans,' said Jonathan Wolfson, the CEO and co-founder of Solazyme. (Our) unique microbial conversion technology process allows algae to produce oil in standard industrial fermentation facilities quickly, efficiently and at commercial scale.



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