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National Algae Technology Roadmap Released 4

      DOE realising the importance of algae biofuel is pumping in more funds for research;it also is studying in depth the problems faced by this industry. DOE announced  the release of its first report  in fifteen  years on algae biofuel industry.- National Algal Biofuels Technology Roadmap. The  report  summarizes the industry, the research needed and the roadblocks to clear to make this green fuel cost competitive.      
Mon August 30 2010 04:18:52 AM by Aathmika DOE  |  Algae biofuel  |  Technology Roadmap 1641 views

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  • Duncan wrote:
    Mon August 30 2010 04:33:33 AM

    This Roadmap presents information from a scientific, economic, and policy perspectives that can support and guide RD&D investment in algal biofuels.

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  • Richard wrote:
    Mon August 30 2010 04:50:00 AM

    Both the road map and the additional $ 24 m over and above the $ 148 awarded / granted is old news.

    In fact we even discussed that the Algae road map took 18 months to table, doesnt give any numbers or quantities of algae that will be produced.
    At best it tells people to go back to the drawing board and do fundamental research.

    Not necessarily very bright for algae fuel industry. It is only companies like Solazyme that is keeping the hopes alive for algae oil.

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  • Krupali wrote:
    Mon August 30 2010 05:09:17 AM

    The Roadmap is available to the public absolutely free.Should further help researchers in algae andiniate interest in algae.

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  • Amanda wrote:
    Mon August 30 2010 06:11:57 AM

    Baring the grant for Cellna, the other two grants are in my opinion for the ability to scale.

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