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Building a new PBR @ Shredder 3

Shredder said just a few hours ago that he plants to build a PBR.
I just remembered this


Hope it is useful to Shredder
Tue August 24 2010 01:29:55 AM by Aathmika PBR 1674 views

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  • Richard wrote:
    Tue August 24 2010 03:27:55 AM

    If you are serious about building a pbr, you need to be having people with the following expertise

    Photoreactor kinetics
    Thorough knowledge of viscosity, velocity, laminar and turbulent flow
    Fluid flow mechanics, thermodynamics
    Ability to use theory in wavelenghth, brightness, light in general
    Heat transfer, mass transfer, material balance, light transfer,
    Biology of the cell
    Chemistry, maths and physics fundas
    Pulsed light (LED and electric discharge) source design
    Optics & photonics - analysis & design

    Pulsed power development
    Processes & product design
    Research & development
    Photoreactor ideation, invention, and IP development

    OK I have not built a PBR nor even dreamt of it.
    there are experts like Andres, George, Mia Alan, Veronica etc who can add to my suggestion.
    My suggestion is purely from the academic point of view.

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