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Bio Crude in Demand 1

I read recently of OriginOil shipping its technology Quantum Fracturing to MBD Energy Limited of Australia.This I think is one of its early customers fetching it revenue in the algae scene.
Now I read of a Korean company wanting to buy bio crude from Petro Algae.
Korean renewable energy developer, Eco-Frontier has signed a non-binding offtake agreement to purchase biocrude produced through Florida-based PetroAlgae's micro-crop technology.
The agreement that the two companies signed means that Eco-Frontier is willing to establish a market in Korea and other areas for biocrude produced by the PetroAlgae system.
Fri July 30 2010 10:12:26 AM by Aathmika algae  |  bio crude 1521 views

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  • Natalia wrote:
    Fri July 30 2010 11:59:00 AM

    will u b knowing hwat is happeining between petroalgae and indian oil ?
    Any progress ? That is the question?

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