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First Flight powered by 100% Algae Fuel 2

EADS maker of the Airbus and lots of defense and transport aircraft, has announced the completion of the first flight powered entirely by algae-based biofuel.
The DA42 used almost half a gallon less fuel per hour using the algae fuel than it would have had it been powered by kerosene-based jet fuel. What's more, the exhaust from the plane had an eight time lower hydrocarbon content, as well as lower nitrogen and sulphur emissions.
This only goes to show that biofuels are more fuel efficient in jet engines than petroleum based fuels.
Mon July 26 2010 06:41:27 AM by Aathmika jet fuel 1561 views

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  • Tuanhd wrote:
    Tue October 26 2010 03:29:21 PM

    I wold like to know where I can get the algae oil? Supplier?

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