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MacroAlgae -Goldmine 2

Harvesting and extracting algae is cumbersome and expensive.
The south east coast of Australia has huge amounts of ocean grown algae being dumped on its beaches reducing the labor of harvesting.

The South East is sitting on a green and smelly, goldmine of potential biofuel, according to researchers and experts in the field.

Piles of seaweed, which wash up on the shores from Port MacDonnell to Beachport and beyond, causing grief to locals along the coast disturbed by the pungent stench, could be used to create hundreds of jobs, generate billions of dollars and reduce Australia"s carbon footprint while leaving the beaches clean.
Sat July 24 2010 11:29:18 AM by Aathmika Macroalgae 1942 views

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  • Duncan wrote:
    Sat July 24 2010 04:04:09 PM

    In fact I have read about huge algae blooms that go and settle down in the ocean bed as a pretty good source for fuel.

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  • Dolphinckm wrote:
    Mon August 02 2010 02:44:26 AM

    U Have any information about bioethanol process?

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