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ExxonMobil is on Track 2

I was wondering a short while ago how far Craig Venter had moved in algae fuel. Saw some news in Real Time Market.
ExxonMobil Algae Fuel Venture moves from lab to greenhouse in Southern California.
The experiment between ExxonMobil and Craig Venter?s Synthetic Genomics seems to be going ?right on track?.
Although the choice of production method seems far away ,they have decided to use sunlight and not artificial light for growth of algae
Fri July 16 2010 06:09:46 AM by Aathmika algae fuel  |  exxon  |  synthetic genomics 1519 views

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  • Veronica wrote:
    Sat July 17 2010 10:26:15 PM


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  • Mon July 19 2010 09:23:39 AM

    I agree with Veronica, hhmmmmmmmmmmm!!
    Venter is on the right track with his GM research. Someone is, in my opinion, on the wrong track with sunlight for a power source. It's like using a candle when you need a laser.

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