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High cholesterol Algae !! 4

The 24-hour circadian clock found in human cells is the same as that found in algae!

A study conducted by Researchers from Britain's Cambridge and Edinburgh universities claims this. 

What's more !  These cells dates back millions of years to early life on earth. 

Circadian rhythms, ie the 24 hour rhythms have always been assumed to be linked to DNA and gene activity.

When the rhythm is affected it is well known that it  leads to certain diseases in humans.

So, when we feed the algae with light and CO2 in the nights too, we are changing the circadian rhythm and therefore  one will be interested in finding out if it enhances the lipid content !

May be we will have a high cholesterol algae !!

Restoring  rhythms to people whose body clocks have been messed up is what the scientists are working at. 

But why not algae that is not allowed to sleep. Algae that is not used  to do any photosynthesis, is given light and CO2 as I said earlier !!? Interesting isnt it !!

The article further reads thus


A further study found a similar 24-hour cycle in marine algae -- suggesting that internal body clocks have always been important, even for ancient forms of life.

The researchers found those rhythms by sampling the peroxiredoxins in algae at regular intervals over several days. When the algae were kept in darkness, their DNA was no longer active, but the algae kept their circadian clocks ticking even without active genes.

Scientists had previously thought the circadian clock was driven by gene activity, but both the algae and the red blood cells kept time without it. "


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