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Taking Advantage of the Gulf Oil Spill 2

What is happening in the Gulf of Mexico is a terrible catastrophe. Loss of wetlands, wildlife, and people's jobs are at stake or already ruined.

That said, has anyone in the algae industry thought that this huge mess is a golden opportunity for the algae industry to step up into the light? The world is watching and hoping for a different solution to drilling off-shore. Let's sieze this opportunity and provide the general public with an alternative that they can support; bio-fuels from algae. As an industry, let's get aggressive so the money can flow into the research community to get over the remaining hurdles and really get this industry started in a BIG way!
Sat May 01 2010 04:46:08 PM by Wrider22 2248 views

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  • Anto wrote:
    Sat May 01 2010 05:36:03 PM

    Hi, you wrote correctly, what is happening in the Gulf of Mexico is a terrible catastrophe. However in my opinion with the help of algae is possible to reduce pollution effect. Oil into saline water is not so different from wastewater! Difficult to get oil , but reduce pollution and increase algae industry image!

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  • Sun May 02 2010 09:21:29 AM

    I agree, we beleive our bioreactor to be the most cost effective method to date. Can anybody suggest a more cost effective system. If so please view our website www.algalsolution.com

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