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Algae Fuel In Pakistan 8

Hi Friendz....

Plz anyonE can tell me that industry or pilot plant is present in Pakistan or Not....if yes then where n in which city....?

m w8ng for reply...

Thank you to all

Tue August 02 2011 06:23:40 PM by Waqas 2153 views

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  • Mariam wrote:
    Fri August 05 2011 07:45:22 AM

    we are working on algal fuel marine algae its basic research not commercial which we are doing in Pakistan however i didn't find any body in Pakistan who is involved with algal fuel research.Research Laboratory of Bio energy, Federal urdu university.  

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  • Khawaja wrote:
    Tue September 20 2011 06:50:51 PM

    Hello Brother Waqas!

                                      I am Khawaja Ahsan from UET Lahore and i am considering processing of algae for fuel consumption for my final year project but definitely there is a lack of guidance in this regerd. Can you kindly tell me what have you done till yet and what is your project statement? 

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