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Vivek's Notes

Hello My Oilgae Friends...Sorry I was out for giving lectures and for research Purpose,But is soon returning back to you.... With Juicy Informations... - 10 years ago

Hello friends,How are you all?Sorry,I was not here as I was out to give lecture,Now I am back again and is with you all.... - 10 years ago

we Humans are responsible for the disaster which is happening,and we will have to overcome our mistake,we will have to Save our Earth..our HOME.. - 10 years ago

ExxonMobil and Synthetic Genomics Inc. (SGI) opened a greenhouse in La Jolla, Calif., last week to begin testing methods to produce affordable biofuel feedstocks from algae. The two companies became partners a year ago when Exxon agreed to invest $600 million over the next decade in R&D at SGI. - 10 years ago

Hello friends,I am happy to say that we have published the next six Algae species report as the previous one and AESI has got tremendous success... - 10 years ago

Hello friends, Happy New Year To All Of You.The next report is just coming in my hands and then will share with all of you.. - 10 years ago

There is no Words by Which I can Praise the Creation of NATURE.... Every Creation of NATURE is amazing,There is no fault in the Creation of Nature.. We have the Cause and Answer too with us,Only we need to search and understand.. ALGAE,one of the fantastik creation of Nature.. - 10 years ago

From today started testing on different species of Green & Brown algae for highest extraction of Biodiesel... Will share reports with you all........ - 11 years ago