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The Second Algae Strain Report from AESI Published. - 11 years ago

Hello friends,    After a tremendous success from the first Algae strain report,AESI has published the second Algae Strain report.Our Institute and our sub-contractors Universities are getting success.     Please read the ...- more

Algae Strain Report - 11 years ago

Hello Friends,       How are you? Participating in the conferences in Italy,Japan & London, I am back here with report of some species which are being tested at Albert Einstein Science Institute,both in India ...- more

Greatest Biodiesel Extraction Can Be Done From Chlorophyceae Algaes - 12 years ago

The Chlorophyceae are a large and important group of freshwater green algae. They include some of the most common species, as well as many members that are important both ecologically ...- more

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