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Local carbon cycle 4

Local Carbon cycle
I have concept of artificial carbon cycle. Today we experience more vehicular pollution in terms of CO2 than industrial air pollution. Apart from efficiency of conversion to mechanical power 1 liter of petrol or diesel generates around 1512 gm of CO2.
On a street up to first 15 meters there should be dense mixture of CO2 and air because CO2 is heavier than air. By means of ring-blower we are able to direct this CO2 rich air to nearby CO2 scrubbing station where CO2 will be removed from air by using water as a scrubbing medium. We can recycle this scrubbing medium number of times because solubility of CO2 to water is too high. At point of saturation it will get converted in to formic acid. We can transfer this formic acid nearby algal pond. We can convert formic acid in to dissolved CO2 by pH adjustment. With help of sunlight there will be more growth of algae in pond proportional to CO2 quantity. This increased growth then harvested and will be send for biodiesel production.
This can be done any where in world by using equipment available in market and does not require sophisticated or high-tech equipment. If some of us are like this concept we can go further stage as mass balance, productivity and economy of such system.
Thu July 29 2010 12:15:04 PM by Vinaygade Local carbon cycle 1737 views

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  • Vinaygade wrote:
    Fri July 30 2010 07:31:27 AM

    My idea is not create ponds along roads but scrubbing water is medium transport caputured carbon to situated near by locallity for achieve economics of scale for further operations.

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