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Open Pond Algae Farms in Maharashtra & Gujarat 9

I am very interested in setting up open pond farms for production of Biofuels.
At present I am in the process of land identification and am looking for seed funding to cover initial/startup expenses.
I would like collaborate with research specialists and others who have been working in this particular area.
Thu June 24 2010 08:56:19 AM by Vikram 4501 views

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  • DanielRaju wrote:
    Fri June 25 2010 04:54:51 AM

    Hi Vikram, I am Daniel Raju. i am initiating a Bio fuel mass production project in One Cement Plant in Western India (Rajasthan state) Would you be interested in Western India States like Gujrat & Rajsthan (extreme areas) I hv seen some places which are declaired for developments by Govt. There is plenty of desert land & Sardar sarovar water Canal & Indira Gandhi water canals are pouring in fresh water in these regions. Good prospects for Alage developments. Pl send mail My Private ID : < alamanda_draju@yahoo.co.in> Thanks Daniel Raju Tel; (mob) 0091 9251040116

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  • Vikram wrote:
    Fri June 25 2010 10:10:27 AM

    Thanks for your reply, have sent you and email....

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  • Waterfry wrote:
    Thu July 01 2010 05:25:12 AM

    We are interested in commercial algae biofuel projects in India.



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