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News, views, analysis and Andres Abhraham Posted by Veronica on Tue September 21 2010 10:08:31 PM 9

Oilgae site has been the source of information for all students, academia, researchers, practising CTOs of algae biofuel companies etc.,
for years.

Now, oilgae club  is a community of algae professionals.

It is only natural that when professionals of a community meet in a conference or elsewhere, they  exchange news about
Algae bio fuel activity from one country to another.
 We exchange news and compare news about one process vs another process.
 we learn from each others views.
 With each news viz a new two way wet process to avoid drying as done by University of Michigan, we all will be keen on knowing more about it.
They will exchange news about other professionals
They will exchange news about latest events/ seminars/ conferences
They will exchange information and views about latest research findings
About latest patents and papers published

By posting a company  news, AA says I take pride in so doing and I take credit for posting that news.

NO way.
I am just sharing what ever I have read. I am hoping experts like Andres Abhram, Larsyn, SAM, Shankar, Georgeonik, Richard spros,
Mia, Parkavi, narsi etc  to comment on such news/ research findings or research directions and tell

1. what are the benefits of such findings
2. how such a finding can reduce the cost or speeden up progress to oil from algae
3. what other directions can research can take to be more efficient

etc etc

AA, to me appears tobe saying that there is nothing new is being found. I cant  agree with him. I mean I disagree with him.
What is known is peanuts. The rest of the universe is unkown.

Research as a generic field and  is for ever.
The more you know, the more you would want to research.

I find the club is evolving into a place where we are sharing news, sometimes sharing the news with views.
This makes me open the club everyday. Visit the club everyday.

I wish there can be more news. And even more views.
Plus I expect experts like AA, Larsyn, SAM Development, Shankar, Oilgae narsi etc etc to  share their views more frequently to enlighten others.

I agree with AA on one matter fully. Sometimes, we dont seem to arrive at conclusions. We are not definitive.
But then as we all are new to the club, may be that is thereason why we are not doing it. As we get to know one another more, may be we will debate more, discuss more and decide clearly.

The other fact is, as algae is still in research phase as said by John Benneman, Jason Pyke of Sapphire energy, narsi of OIlgae, etc., many areas will continue to be grey. Not as AA sees either in black or in white.

AA himself has not replied to a couple of queries for his post " Algae food "

Is it right AA ?

Secondly AA to me somehow appears to mean
Always Angry ?

Am I right AA :-)