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AO Algae innovation summit

Sunday (December 12)

18:00 Informal Welcome Reception (Together with Tsukuba 3E Forum reception)

Monday (December 13)

Session 1: Opening Remarks

✿Welcome to the First AO Algae Innovation Summit-Concept and Overview of the Summit
8:30 Speaker: Isao Inouye, University of Tsukuba
✿Opening addresses
8:40 Shogo Murakami, Council for Science and Technology Policy (CSTP), The Cabinet Office, Japan
8:45 Ilsub Baek, Deputy Director, Future Fundamental Technology Division, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Korea
8:50 Kasemsri Homchean, Governor, Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research (TISTR), Thailand
8:55 Christopher Wood, Trade Commissioner & Consul, Austrade Sapporo, Australia
✿Tsukuba Biomass Town Initiative: Activity and Future Plan
9:00 Speaker: Yoshito Yuyama, National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (NARO)

9:25 Coffee Break & Photo

Session 2: Policy for Algae Innovation

Governmental Policies and Investments (Chairs: J.C. Yang and Ji-won Yang)
✿Japan policy
9:55 Toshihide Fukui, MEXT
10:10 “Algal Biomass in the agricultural policy of Japan” Takashi Nozu, MAFF
10:25 Shoji Watanabe, Director, METI
✿Korea policy
10:40 “ROK Policy for Bio-fuel, bio-materials and algae” Ku Yong Jung, MEST
✿China policy
11:55 “Will Algae play a critical role in the Low Carbon Cycle in China?” Li Renhui, The Chinese Academy of Sciences
✿Thailand policy
11:10 “Alternative Energy Policy and Biofuel Development in Thailand” Suthep Liumsirijarern, DEDE
11:25 “Over Views About Algae Project in Thailand” Praphon Wongtarua, DEDE
✿Australia policy
11:40 “Biofuel Research and Development in Australia” Christopher Wood, Austrade Sapporo
✿New Zealand policy
11:55 “The New Zealand Bio-Energy Landscape; Policy and Research” Mike Packer, Cawthron Institute
✿USA policy
12:10 “Overview of US Algae Consortia” José A. Olivares, LANL
✿EU policy
12:25 “European ánd Dutch policy and support on algae and seaweed” André de Boer, Ministry of Economic Affairs
12:40 Panel Discussions on Government Policy for Development of Algal Industry, Science and

Technology (Chair: Aparat Mahakhant; Panelists: Shogo Murakami, Toshihide Fukui, Ilsub Baek, Kasemsri Homchean, Christopher Wood, Mike Packer, Joyce C. Yang and André de Boer)

13:25 Lunch
Session 3: Industrial Technology
Introductions of Japanese Industrial Activities (Chair: Kinya Atsumi)
✿Japan Industries
14:25 “Biofuels from microalgae. DENSO’s approach” Hiroaki Fukuda, DENSO CORPORATION
14:47 “Development plan on biofuel system from microalgae manufactured by using symbiosis and assimilation” Koji Fuchigami, JFE Engineering Co. Ltd.
15:09 “Automotive Fuel and Micro Algae Oil” Susumu Nagano, Toyota Central R&D LABS., INC.
15:31 Coffee Break
Industries fom Asia, Oceania, USA and The Netherlands (Chair: Kunn Kangvansaichol)
✿Korea Industry
15:51 “New Technology Application of Algal Harvesting System to Mitigate Blue-green Algae Bloom in Reservoir, Korea” Jae-Ki Shin, Korea Water Resources Corporation
✿Thailand Industry
16:13 “Algae Biofuel Technology R&D Activity in Thailand” Ratanavalee Inochanon, PTT Public Company Ltd.
✿Australia Industry
16:35 “An introduction to Australia’s first algal biofuels technology development Company” Gerald Barker, General Manager, SQC Pty Ltd.
✿USA Industry
16:57 “Technology for large scale micro algae production” Joel Butler, Solix Biofuels
✿The Netherlands Industry
17:19 “Micro-algae and water purification” Nicole Dijkma, AquaPhyto BV
17:31-18:15 Panel Discussion on Algal Business Incubation (Chair: Akira Tanaka; Panelist: Kinya Atsumi, Jae-Ki Shin, Ratanavalee Inochanon, Gerald Barker, Joel Butler, Nicole Dijkma, and Makoto M Watanabe)
18:30- Dinner Party Commemorating AOAI Summit at Daigakukaikan Cafeteria
(Free: the invitees and the members of Algae Industry Incubation Consortium / 3,000JPY:others)

18:30- Business Meeting ( for International Organizing Committee Members)

Tuesday ( December 14)
Session 4: Academic R&D
✿Progress Report of CREST Project on Oil Producing Green Alga Botryoccocus
8:30 “Research project on sophisticated utilization of alkaliphilic strains of oil-producing green alga, Botryococcus” Makoto M Watanabe, University of Tsukuba, Japan
Contributed Paper Session 1
✿Track 1: Isolation, Screening, Cultivation and Characterization of Algae as Next Generation Feedstock (Chair: Masanobu Kawachi)
9:00 “R&D on algae as new energy feedstock at TISTR” Aparat Mahakhant, TISTR, Thailand
9:15 “Identification of high-lipid producers for biodiesel production from forty-three green algal isolates in China” Lirong Song, The Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
9:30 “Algae bio-fuels: a novel photosynthesis-fermentation approach” Qingyu Wu, Tsinghua University, China
9:45 “A highly squalene-accumulating strain of thraustochytrid Aurantiochytrium sp.” Kunimitsu Kaya, University of Tsukuba, Japan,
10:00 “Molecular and chemical differences reflected by physiological divergence between Arthrospira and freshwater Arthrospira-like cyanobacteria---implication for algal selection and isolation for further exploration” Renhui Li, The Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
10:15 “Overcoming biological constraints to enable the exploitation of microalgae for biofuels” John G. Day, Scottish Association for Marine Science, UK
10:30 “The Goettingen Culture Collection of Algae (SAG) - a platform for exploring and conservation of algal diversity” Thomas Friedl, University of Goettingen, Germany
10:45 “Microalgae for biofuels in Australia: strain selection for biodiesel and other products” Susan Blackburn, CSIRO, Australia
✿Track 2: Physiology, Molecular Biology and Genetic Improvement of Algae (Chair: Qingyu Wu)
11:00 “Dynamic response of the transcriptome of microalgae to environmental stress” Eon Seon Jin, Hanyang University, Korea
11:15 “Importace of a cosmopolitan marine unicellular calcifying alga, Emiliania huxleyi” Yoshihiro Shiraiwa, University of Tsukuba, Japan
11:30 “Replacement of α-tocopherol by β-tocopherol enhances resistance tophoto-oxidative stress in a xanthophyll-deficient strain of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii” Anchalee Sirikhachornkit, Kasetsart University, Thailand

11:45 “Modes of liquid hydrocarbon biosynthesis in Botryococcus braunii revealed by gene expression analysis” Masato Baba, University of Tsukuba, Japan

✿Poster session (Tracks 1-5)
12:00 Odd Numbers

13:00 Even Numbers

Contributed Paper Session 2
✿Track 3: Chemistry and Bioprocessing of Algae for Production of Fuels and Products
(Chair: Wichien Yongmanichai)
14:00 “Harvest of Scenedesmus sp. with bioflocculant and reuse of culture medium for subsequent high-density cultures” Hee-Mock Oh, KRIBB, Korea
14:15 “Study of increasing lipid production from green alga, Botryococcus braunii” Suneerat Ruangsomboon, King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Thailand
14:30 “Critical issues affecting the renewability of microalgae derived biodiesel using the in-situ transesterification process” Ehiaze Ehimen, University of Otago, New Zealand
14:45 “Microbial simultaneous saccharification and fermentation of Laminaria japonica for the production of organic acids” Hong Soon Rhee, Pohang University of Science and Technology, Korea
✿Track 4: Wastewater Treatment and Algal Biomass Production (Chair: Hee-Mock Oh)
15:00 “Phytoplankton community and the purification effect of mangrove in the mangrove plantation-aquaculture coupling systems in the pearl river E” Yu Liu, Sun Yat-Sen University, China
15:15 “Potential energy production from algae in marginal land in China” Guo Yu Qiu, Peking University, China
✿Track 5: Large-Scale Algal Biomass Production-Design, Infrastructure and Practice
(Chair: Hee-Mock Oh)
15:30 “Will marine microalgae rescue the energy crisis and global warming?” Choul-Gyun Lee, Inha Univeristy, Korea
15:45 “Business evaluation of an oil production system with the green micro-algae Botryococcus” Makoto Shiho, University of Tsukuba, Japan
16:00 “Introduction of Advanced Biomass R&D Center (ABC)” Ji-Won Yang, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea

16:15 “Drivers and Constraints in Industrial Point-Source Carbon Dioxide Recycling Via Algal Biomass” Mike Packer, Cawthron Institute, New Zealand

16:30 Coffee Break
Session 5: Conclusion and Statement of the Summit
17:00 Panel Discussion by IOC Member on Future Collaboration between Asia Oceania Nations for Algal policy, Industry, Science and Technology (Chair: Isao Inouye)
17:45 Statement (Isao Inouye)
18:00 Closing
18:30- Banquet at Nishoku (Complimentary)

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