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Photo Bioraector 5

I am in teh market for a PBR.
I just saw this linkhttp://www.bds.rotterdam.nl/dsresource?objectid=170463&type=org
I will ofcourse be looking at several more.If any of you have any suggestions, pl do let me know.
Unfortunately, I have not been given, cost idea, estimate of how much of algae is required per day, say what should be the input or output. what species? 
In fact we have looked at several coastal lands, but havent finalised it. 
Veronica Cassandara Ardara, Ireland
Sat September 11 2010 11:18:50 PM by Veronica Photobioreactor  |  photo bioreactor  |  pbr 1594 views

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  • Probir wrote:
    Sun September 12 2010 04:03:20 AM

    Just few things to let you know from 'AlgaeLink demo photo-bioreactor (page 11)':

    1. Power consumption in that system will be 1036.8MJ/day as compared to maximum 80MJ/day of biomass calorific value.

    2. 8% N and 1.1% of P requirements are too high (on a weight basis). I did some calculations for some of the species and the requirements are around 3.5% and 0.5% for N and P respectively.

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