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CMT's 3rd Algae World Asia meet! 1

Dear folks,

The Algae World Asia event is to be held by the Centre for Management Technology on Algae Commercialization for Food, Feed, Freshwater and Fresh Air & Fuel in Goodwood Park Hotel, Singapore on the 19-20th of October, 2010. This event will witness attendance from people dealing with every aspect of algal products.

For scientists and academicians, this would be a fabulous opportunity to listen and interact with veteran scientists Dr. John Benemann and Dr. Rupert Craggs. For those industrial players on the look out for commercialization prospects, there are various companies including Aurora Biofuels Pvt Ltd., Origin oil Inc., Biolsystems Co., Ltd which would help bring to light first-hand encounters on the industrial aspects of Algae-based bioenergy.

There would also be power plants looking for ways to sequester their emissions, Algae cultivators, financiers and investors.

So get ready for an exciting couple of days with Asia's complete Algae brigade. 

Mon September 27 2010 03:58:13 AM by Shyam singapore  |  event  |  algae 1383 views

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  • Shankar wrote:
    Mon September 27 2010 04:03:41 AM

    I have heard of John Benneman a lot. But can u tell us alittle more about Dr Rupert Craggs.

    Is Riggs Eckleberry of Origin oil coming and what is he going to speak on ?
    Anyone from MBD energy ?

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