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Hello all,

I came across an article on oil from algae.   The link is: http://www.energyandcapital.com/report/algae-biofuel/442

This might interest you.

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Wed September 22 2010 08:54:04 PM by ShrikantBadve

GOING ABOVE THE ROOFTOP FOR DEVELOPMENT : Vertical Urban Agriculture and similar projects

In USA growing tomatoes, at home I.E. inside the apartment, is becoming common. The plants are sold in HOME DEPOT chain stores. The container, without spilling the soil on the ground (this is very important), is interestingly kept hanging vertically upside down manner i.e. the roots are facing towards sky and the plants, with ripe tomatoes, facing the floor. That way it does not touch the ground. Imagine if one uses the free space available on rooftop to cultivate tomatoes and other similar vegetables using this "upside down hanging method" and then adding layer over layer in the open space that is available, it may result in vertical urban agriculture, just above your rooftop! If successful, it has the potential for Third Green Revolution!!!! I guess, production and profitability will, of course, depend on how many vertical layers one can add.

Plants supply oxygen and consume CO2. In summer, it can produce cooling effect to the building. These may be some other benefits.

Lot of personal attention and care needs to be taken. Else one may end up in creating a mess on the roof!

There is yet another project for rooftop and that is beekeeping. I read recently in New York Times that one such person in Manhatten has 250 beehives on the rooftop which has the potential of producing 100 pounds of honey per beehive. That is not a bad idea, if the roof is lying vacant any way!

I guess rooftop agriculture as a concept needs to be developed for cities. We have already started rooftop rain water conservation and that idea needs to be expanded further.

I welcome discussions on the above subject and by email particularly.

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Fri April 30 2010 06:01:43 PM by ShrikantBadve 11