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Shankar's Notes

More than 40% of all clean-tech venture capital funding worldwide went to firms in California as investments in those companies more than tripled to $2.9 billion in the first half of 2010. - 11 years ago

"The simple question is, can you get enough additional productivity in bioreactors to offset the additional cost of PBRs?" - 11 years ago

" Joule expects its first revenue in 2012 when it brings its diesel to market, and expects to have the first production plant fully operational in 2013" Hope this turns out to be true ! - 11 years ago

Frito-Lay, snacks co of PepsiCo, is adopting compostable crisp packets. Wal-Mart, is expanding its use of bioplastics. Procter & Gamble, a consumer-products giant, recently agreed to use some biochemicals made by Amyris in its products. Industrial biotech is getting going ! - 11 years ago

Shell becomes a sugar giant with the $ 12 b Csoan tie up. Solazyme tied up Bunge Limited. Another sugar giant. Should i buy sugar stocks now ? - 11 years ago

Petroalgae and Algae.tec both have offices / operations in Australia and USA. Both have MOUs with a few companies. I am yet to find the Bankers and under writers to the issue. - 11 years ago

Algae.Tec is backed by investors from the United Kingdom, Asia and the USA who have invested more than $5 million in research ! - 11 years ago

The strong support from our current investors in the Series D is indicative of our ability to exceed milestones, including the production of renewable oil for multiple applications at large scale. Jonathan Wolfson, CEO, Solazyme - 11 years ago

In January 2008, Solazyme attracted attention at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, by presenting a Mercedes Benz C320 fueled with its Soladiesel brand of algal fuel. - 11 years ago

Solazyme seems to be closer to making its fuels profitable, perhaps in the next two to three years. NY Times - 11 years ago

The Navy agreed to fund Solazyme in exchange for 20,000 gallons of fuel for its ships, valued at $8.5 million. I guess you can calculate the cost per gallon :-) - 11 years ago

To date, Solazyme has only raised about $125 million from investors including Braemar Energy Ventures, Bluecrest Capital Finance, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Harris & Harris Group, The Roda Group, and VantagePoint Venture Partners. - 11 years ago

Welcome back Alan Schafer ( Have I spelt your name right! SAM Development.) Nice to see you back in action. Without you the club lacks lustre - 11 years ago

To cut in half the current CO2 level in the atmosphere will require a $47 Trillion investment. Roughly 3. 3 times the US GDP. About 90 % of world GDP. - 11 years ago

The cement industry is responsible for approximately 5% of global anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions emitting nearly 900 kg of CO2 for every 1000 kg of cement produced! - 11 years ago

How soon before algae is patented? So when it spreads like canola, anyone found with genetically altered algae in reactor is lost. When it comes to corporations and profit don't get between mama bear and her cub. Georgeonik Very profound statement. - 11 years ago

1.The most cost effective way to prevent contamination in open pond is to use no open ponds! Use covered ponds -AlgaeNova !! - 11 years ago

The value of petroleum subsidies to consumers increased dramatically in recent years, largely as a result of rising oil prices, but has been projected to decline to US$ 240 billion in 2010 - 11 years ago

In the last 41 minutes, the world consumed 100 million gallons of petroleum ! - 11 years ago