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Method and Systems for Solar-Greenhouse Production and Harvesting of algae Posted by Shankar on Mon July 12 2010 11:47:48 AM 4

I found the title too long to determine the concept of the patent. I didnt understand. That didnt bother me as I am only an investor.
However, I saw the following para 4 describing probably what the patent is all about.
To me, even this seems long winded.
I hope some one will simplify it or the Applicants of the patent if they are members of this august club, explain their patent.
" :(a) the growing of algae, said algae being of a size that is scientifically termed micro-algae and suspended in said bed in an aqueous, nutrient solution;(b) exposing portions of the algae to periods of light by spraying said portions into an air space above the bed containing a mixture of air at ambient pressure plus carbon dioxide in an amount of the order of 8 to 16% by volume, and to alternating periods of darkness resulting from the limited penetration of said light into the bed as determined by the depth of the bed and by the spraying of only portions of said algae suspension continuously or at repeated intervals;(c) conveying a flow of ambient air in said separate, solar exposed air space within said greenhouse and, thereby, absorbing solar energy not utilized in photosynthesis, and assisting in controlling the temperature of the enclosed air space and bed within the greenhouse so that both bed and atmosphere are preferably controlled to within a temperature range of 68 to 72 degrees F., which temperature range is generally considered optimum for growth of many algae specie;(d) controlling and varying the algae growth rate by varying the duration of exposure to solar energy of the contents of the spray, by means of varying the spraying quantity and duration, the spray forms, spray pattern or droplet size and, thereby, the surface area exposed to the solar energy and the period of time elapsed before all or a portion of the liquid falls by gravity back into the bed;(e) repeated algae spraying at varying frequency and quantity sprayed relative to the bed volume and depth so as to produce and control alternating periods of light and darkness to suit the growth needs of the algae;(f) mixing some or all of the carbon dioxide gas that is required for algae growth in the bed suspension by introducing it together with the spraying of the algae suspension (i.e., within or through the same spray nozzle);(g) limiting the air flow into and out of the greenhouse space containing the liquid and thereby minimizing the evaporation of water from sprayed droplets containing algae, and maintaining the relative humidity to greater than 80%."