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Algae.Tec Off And Running 10

Australian company Algae.Tec is  in the process of an IPO.
 However at A$7.5m, Algae.Tec's issue is hardly one that can be described as exploitative or prematurely opportunistic, and the company's legally protected intellectual property represents years of research by US-based Tech.Bio LLC.
 Algae.Tec already runs a small experimental plant, and is simply looking for low-level funding to move to demonstration plant status.

Fri August 27 2010 04:13:51 AM by Shankar algae tec 2018 views

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  • Probir wrote:
    Tue September 07 2010 12:50:26 PM

    They claim " 11 kg of dry biomass from one sq meter of water surface (!!) in 30 days" ...that means 366gm/m2/d....one of the highest claims I have ever seen...

    artificial lighting (!!) to grow algae

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  • Tue September 07 2010 11:58:49 PM

    I agree with you Probir fully. Its impossible in my opinion.

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  • Shankar wrote:
    Wed September 08 2010 12:00:25 AM

    There are too many questionable claims in this issue. BOth this issue and Petroalgae will find it difficult to get subscribed, in my opinion.

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  • Krupali wrote:
    Wed September 08 2010 03:34:12 AM

    You are right Probir !
    The claim by Algae. tec is highly questionable.

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