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Re- engineering Algae to biodiesel production 1

To the best of my knowledge, this is the second funded project in gene modification after the Exxon SGI deal.

It will be great if we compile a list of such projects / researches ie those in pursuit of modifying the gene of algae to make more oil, easily.

Although I have been emphasising the need for regulation in such projects that involve, GM, it seems like a pretty viable project.

In Indiana, the DOE has awarded $4 million to a project at Purdue University that is attempting to genetically engineer algae to generate more lipids.

The three year project calls for the Purdue researchers to maximize the amount of CO2 that is routed towards lipid production, as opposed to other activities within the cell.

The group will also create flux maps that focus on the speed of reactions within metabolic pathways, information that the research team says will be useful for future genetic engineering efforts.

Read the story direct from Purdue univ site in the url given below.
Mon July 26 2010 02:34:27 AM by Shankar algae  |  Purdue 1687 views

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  • Manohar wrote:
    Mon July 26 2010 10:01:58 PM

    Yes. We need to collate all GM attempts to make oil from algae and track their progress.

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