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Solazyme to file S-1 doc, getting ready for IPO !! ? 7

I have said repeatedly a few months ago, when Solazyme signed up strategic and financial partnership with the Japanese food giant and Uniliver, that it appears that Solazyme is heading for an IPO.
That was what - some 4/5 months ago.
Not bad. I may have misread the market regarding Algae.Tec of Australia. 
But I am bang on in Solazyme. The rumour has it that they are going to file the S-1 doc next month.
Look and refer all the blogs wherein we have discussed Solazymes technology, partnerships, costs of algae oil they supplied to the Navy and the reasons, etc are all here. You dont need to go anywhereelse.
Mark my words, that if finally Solazyme comes out with an IPO, it will be the best ever in all biofuels. 
Vinod Khosla will realise that he too can be wrong.
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Actually there are many many more blogs on Solazyme for one to do adequate research on Solazyme  here in this site.
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